Woman Suffers Stroke While Partner Performs Oral Sex

A woman lost consciousness and suffered a stroke while her partner performed oral sex on her. She was rushed to the hospital when she suffered a headache in the middle of the sexual act. Her CT scan revealed a ruptured aneurysm as their passionate romps caused a surge in blood pressure in her body.

Doctors at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital wrote in their report on the peer-reviewed BMJ journal that a 44-year old woman was rushed to them after she fainted while having sex. It was revealed that while her partner was performing oral sex, the woman’s body stiffened and she lost her consciousness for three to four minutes.

Medics noted that the patient also experienced headaches while her partner was performing oral sex and before she passed out.

Upon arrival at the hospital, the woman was reportedly complaining of severe headaches which she described to be a 6 out of 10 on the pain scale. Afterward, the doctors led by Yunus Gokdogan performed a CT scan to determine what happened to the patient.

The results of the test showed that the woman was nearing orgasm before she fainted. Her partner also confirmed that she was convulsing before she passed out. He noted that she was in excellent condition before they were doing the deed.

Results of the medical test revealed that she had a trace of acute subarachnoid blood which indicated that she was suffering a stroke. The doctors also concluded that a bulge in her blood vessel ruptured while she was nearing orgasm.

The unnamed woman spent two weeks in the hospital to recover, Mirror reported. Her diagnosis was that of an uncommon type of bleeding in the brain called subarachnoid hemorrhage. However, the aneurysm was relatively small and was subsequently treated.

The doctors cited older studies in arriving at their findings. They said that blood pressure and heart rate constantly increase during sexual activity. They then acknowledged that engaging in sexual activity could really cause a blood vessel in the brain to rupture due to the surge in blood pressure prior and during orgasm. 

Meanwhile, the woman’s medical records revealed that she was a regular smoker and that she consumed alcohol frequently. She was also found to have contracted malaria during her younger years. However, her lifestyle choices and medical history were excluded from the possible cause of the stroke.