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Woman’s Pubic Hair Grows On Her Face In Shocking Medical Story

Pubic Hair
Here are five ways pubic hair can impact health. Pixabay, public domain.

In one of the strangest medical cases ever, a dog bite victim has regained her confidence after doctors were able to remove an unusual skin graft on her face that had ‘literal pubic hair’ growing from it, closing the path with minimal scarring.

According to Crystal, 30, she had been living with the skin graft ever since she was a child, after a pit bull attacked her and bit a chunk out of her right cheek.

“When I was nine years old, my grandfather was holding a dog ... I was actually pretty terrified of the pit bull. All I remember is black,” she said.

“The skin graft came from my groin, very close to my pubic area. It's genital hair. I've tried everything you can diminish it, but you can't take it away,” she added.

Furthermore, she also said that after the attack, the wound was open for a while, saying that its inside looked like the outside of Freddy Krueger’s face. However, her surgeon then suggested that a skin graft should be done to cover the wound. However, the skin was taken from her groin, which meant that after some time, hair started growing out of the patch on her face.

According to Crystal, it was literal pubic hair growing out of her face, even though the doctor never mentioned that something like that would happen.

Per Dr. Terry Dubrow, who appeared on an episode of the E! reality series “Botched” along with Crystal, it was unusual for the plastic surgeon to take skin from her groin area since it would be perfectly possible to take skin from a number of hair-free areas, such as her back and abdomen.

Because of this, Crystal used to pluck the hair on her face. However, it was only a temporary fix, which worried her and even affected her self-confidence.

“I at first thought it didn't affect me. Since having my daughter, I really started to get conscious of it,” she said.

Thankfully, the doctors were able to remove the skin patch by making a pocket along her cheek and using a tissue expander.

Pubic Hair Here are five ways pubic hair can impact health. Pixabay, public domain.

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