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Women Perform Better In Warm Offices, Study Says

Several scientific studies confirmed that most officers are structured to favor men’s preferred temperatures. Interestingly, a more recent study suggested that women, on the other hand, prefer warm offices. The study also emphasized that women also perform better in warmer rooms.

The study, published in PLOS One, examined 543 college students in Berlin who were situated in rooms with different temperatures of about 61 to 91 Fahrenheit, to be exact. They were then compelled to solve logical problems under those conditions. They were also asked to add two-digit numbers without using a calculator. Next, they were asked to form German words out of scrambled letters. These tests were performed to assess whether the participants mentally performed better depending on the temperature of the room.

Results showed that women who were placed in warmer rooms answered more tests accurately. When the researchers increased the room temperature by 1 degree Celsius, there was also a 2 percent increase in their performance when it comes to verbal tasks. Consequently, men performed better in cooler temperatures but their ability to answer the tests declined when the temperature was warmer.

Tom Chang, one of the researchers and a business professor at the University of Southern California, revealed to The Atlantic that they compared the results to SAT scores of American high school boys and girls. The boost in math scores for every increase in room temperature was about half the gap in performance with SATs that was at 4 percent.

Chang added that further studies are needed to better assess gender-based performance differences, especially concerning thermostats. Co-researcher Agne Kajackaite also wrote that the results of their study suggested that room temperature can significantly affect or improve worker performance especially in gender-balanced workplaces.

It was also discussed that the findings could relay to employers the importance of the working environment to the employees’ productivity. For women, in particular, the study was said to have revealed an explanation that productivity and creativity could greatly improve when they are in tropical indoor temperatures. Therefore, the study concluded that women work better and more comfortably in warmer offices.

Office women in the office Free-Photos/Pixabay