Wuhan Crematoriums Burn ‘100 Bodies A Day’ Amid Viral Outbreak

According to a recent release, crematoriums in Wuhan, China, are reportedly working at an alarming pace to burn the bodies of those who have died from the current coronavirus outbreak. Workers are reportedly working flat out and without breaks since they constantly burn victims’ bodies that are sent to them. Since January 28, claims that are spreading state that they have been burning 100 bodies a day.

“We need to pick up bodies when they call us. Every day, we need at least 100 body bags. We can’t stop because we can’t leave the bodies outside for a long time,” Mr. Yun, one of the crematorium workers, said in a recent interview. Furthermore, he also confirmed that crematorium workers are working in makeshift masks and protective suits in order to handle the bodies  and that all of them are exhausted.

Just last week, officials from Wuhan have been accused of burning the bodies of the deceased in secret, and Mr. Yun has confirmed that it’s indeed true since China is reportedly adopting “Draconian measures” to help treat the current outbreak.

“90 percent of our employees are working 24/7 … we couldn’t go back home. All Wuhan cremation chambers are working 24 hours. We really need more manpower,” Mr. Yun added.

Last week, social media is flooded with dramatic videos from Wuhan that show medical officials and police officers allegedly chase people who are infected through the streets and force them into ambulances that are headed to hospitals. Other videos on the other hand, show cement trucks that allegedly spray what looks like disinfectant onto the deserted streets.

To help treat the outbreak, Wuhan has also made 11 temporary hospitals out of its sports halls and exhibition centers. Per the latest statistic, the virus has reportedly killed around 500 people already, although Western media outlets contest the number, with some believing that the death toll is being downplayed.

With reports worldwide nearing 20,000 cases, experts stated that they still lack definitive data in order to gauge just how lethal the virus is, although scientists are now working on a vaccine that can help.

Cremating Remains After bodies are donated and practiced upon by medical students, loved ones can claim their ashes afterwards for a proper ceremony. Photo courtesy of Chris Hondros/ Getty Images