Zoo Cams: A Unique Way Of Watching Wildlife In This Pandemic

For nature lovers, the wildlife selection that they can see from their window view isn’t always as exciting. Even harder still is the lack of option to visit the local zoo or aquarium since the coronavirus pandemic meant that businesses like that are temporarily closed while we all stay inside to make sure we are safe.

Thankfully, some zoos and national parks offer “zoo cams” even though they are temporarily closed down, giving you a live view of what our furry, scaly and feathered friends are all up to at the moment. Here are a few animal cams you can tune into for a different live episode:

Marine Life

For underwater life, you can either view the live cams provided by the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California or the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, both of which offer numerous options for animals in aquatic environments. For example, Monterey Bay Aquarium offers cams for sharks and penguins, while Georgia Aquarium offers you views of piranhas, whales, sea lions and puffins, among many others.


Who doesn’t like bears? For those who want to watch these furry creatures, you can tune over to Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle and watch the grizzly bear twins Keema and Denali. If you fancy polar bears, however, you can head on over to the Alaska Zoo to take a look at Cranbeary the sugar-white bear.


For some primate action, San Diego Zoo’s ape cam lets you join the orangutan and siamang party that is going on in full swing, literally. If you want a more tone-down view, however, Utica Zoo’s cams offer a view of the hardly-shy cotton-top tamarins, which share their habitat with a couple of mellow rhino iguanas.

Big Cats

Tired of your regular-sized cat at home? If so, then how about some big cat action at the Indianapolis Zoo? Home to Amur tigers Zoya, Maxim and Metis, these striped predators will give you a lesson in social distancing since they like to hang out by themselves and are rarely seen together.

tiger Amid the pandemic, zoos and national parks offer zoo cams for anyone who wants to virtually visit the animals and watch what they're doing. Image courtesy of Shutterstock