McDonald’s chicken McNuggets are eaten in masses around the world, but following a recent tainted meat scandal the Golden Arches has decided to change up its ingredients and release a new item that could make up for a loss in sales. The new Tofu Shinjo nuggets will be available in McDonald’s across Japan on Wednesday, giving customers a protein-packed food item that leaves questionable meat off their plate.  

“The new nuggets do not include any chicken” but are made from ingredients that include onions, soybeans, carrots, and minced fish, a spokeswoman at McDonald’s Japan told The Wall Street Journal. "Because it isn’t meat, it tastes a bit different. It’s a bit softer. Calorie-wise, it is a bit lower than chicken as well.”

Four-piece Tofu Shinjo Nuggets will be manufactured in Japanese factories and sold in local McDonald’s restaurants starting on Wednesday for 249 yen ($2.44) until late September. Each nugget will contain a blend of tofu, onions, soybeans, carrots, and Shinjo, which is a kind of Japanese food made of fish paste, starch, and other ingredients, along with a side of ginger sauce.

Tofu has been an Asian staple in the kitchen for almost 2,000 years. It’s a soft soy milk product that comes in firm, soft, or creamy forms and is apt at absorbing flavors it's cooked in. It’s known for its ample supply of nutritional benefits that’s used as an adequate meat replacement from its high quality protein, B-vitamins, and calcium, to its isoflavones used to reduce osteoporosis, “bad” LDL cholesterol, and lower rates of breast and prostate cancer.

The release of its new food item comes on the heels of recent media reports earlier this month that said China-based Shanghai Husi Food was selling expired chicken and beef products to McDonald’s in Japan. Even though McDonald’s said it had cut ties with the supplier, the meat scandal caused the Golden Arches to stop selling popular items such as BigMacs and Chicken McNuggets in China, Hong Kong, and Japan, which led to a negative impact on sales, according to CNN.

“I would like to extend my sincere apology to our valued customers,” Sarah Casanova, the chief executive of McDonald’s in Japan, said at a news conference Tuesday.

Aside from bad meat and tofu products, McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants have raised a lot of eyebrows around the globe with unusual menu items. Would you try any of these fast food experiments?

8 Strange Fast Food Items:

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  3. Dry Pork & Seaweed Doughnut- Dunkin’ Donuts, China Dry Pork & Seaweed Doughnut, Dunkin’ Donuts Dry Pork & Seaweed Doughnut, Dunkin’ Donuts
  4. Coconut Shrimp Pizza- Pizza Hut, South Korea Coconut Shrimp Pizza, Pizza Hut Coconut Shrimp Pizza, Pizza Hut
  5. Chili Cheese Nuggets- Burger King, Czech Republic Chili Cheese Nuggets, Burger King Chili Cheese Nuggets, Burger King
  6. Green Tea Blizzards- Dairy Queen, Thailand Green Tea Blizzard, Thailand Green Tea Blizzard, Thailand  
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