Exercise is important. In order to avoid the negative health effects of a sedentary lifestyle, health experts suggest at least 60 minutes of exercise each and every day to stay healthy. Many people say 60 minutes is unrealistic in this world of busy schedules, but what if that 60 minutes worth of exercise was essential to you having electricity for the next 24 hours? Perhaps those who say they don't have time would make it to ensure their lights stayed on. 

That's essentially the premise behind billionaire Manoj Bhargava's Free Electric hybrid bike, which was developed with the goal of giving the more than one billion people living in poverty around the world a chance at clean, green energy — along with a little exercise. “Everything requires energy. Energy is the great equalizer, Bhargava said.

To create the energy, users must pedal the bike, which activates a flywheel – like those seen in some stationary bikes. This in turn spins a generator and charges a battery. After just an hour of pedaling, and getting that 60 minutes of exercise, the bike will have stored enough power to energize a rural home for 24 hours.

Bhargava and his team plan to target developing countries, and by 2016, they hope to introduce 10,000 bikes to India. The clean energy would not only cut costs in these regions but also obesity rates. Bhargava says one bike could power a small village if each household spent only an hour a day pedaling.