Dr. Robert Rey, better known as Dr. 90210, told TMZ yesterday about the new rage in breast augmentation, and it can make you thinner, too.

According to the good doctor, 85 percent of his current breast augmentations have been done using stem cells instead of classic implants. The trick, he describes, is isolating stem cells from unwanted fat. Once the fat has been taken away from the area where you least want it (alleluia!), the stem cells from the fat are placed into the breasts, and become breast tissue.

“The beautiful thing about them,” Rey claims, “is you don’t have to change them every 10 years…they’re your own cells.” That, and the fact that stem cells will make your skin “like baby skin,” which may be a bit creepy but overall more youthful.

Dr. 90210 did not depart without giving TMZ some more pearls of wisdom, assuring them big boobs are a thing of the past, as smaller, more natural breasts are now in fashion. “It’s all about the tush anyhow,” he claims.

Thanks, Dr. Rey. I’ll go back to doing my squats then.