Never mind how much it hurts to rip a bandage off. For soldiers in battle and moms with scraped-up little ones, and really just about anyone who needs instant wound treatment, being able to stop bleeding quickly can be the difference between minor injury and major trauma. VetiGel may be tomorrow’s answer.

Brooklyn-based biotechnology company Suneris has designed a polymer gel that can be injected at wound sites for immediate clotting. Within 15 seconds of application, VetiGel begins matching the composition of the surrounding tissues, reducing blood flow and sealing up injury. CEO and Co-Founder Joe Landolina says he and his team designed VetiGel to be ubiquitous one day.

“Our goal is to get this in every ambulance, in every soldier’s belt, and in every mom’s purse,” Landolina told Bloomberg News. “And to be in every mom’s purse means having a product that is easy enough to be used by just about everybody.”

Right now, however, tests on VetiGel have yet to involve human subjects. Their sights are first set on veterinarian clinics, where they can see how animal wounds seal up before ironing out any wrinkles as they approach human tissue. If all goes to plan, Suneris hopes to get FDA approval for the futuristic bandage and bring it to market.

All this is years away, of course. But that doesn’t erase Landolina’s visions of grandeur. “We’re definitely hoping this changes the way the world looks at wound care, not only stopping bleeds but being able to treat burns,” he said. “We could even apply this technology to the regeneration of organs one day.”