At first glance, arm wrestling doesn’t look all that challenging as long as you have a freakishly big arm. What kid didn’t watch Over The Top and think, “Hey, I can do that if I get big and strong”?

Australian rugby player Ben Ross is definitely big and strong, but what he does lack is experience in the world of arm wrestling. Professional arm wrestler and former rugby player Wendell Sailor is also big and strong, but he also has experience in this bicep busting sport. Ross’ inexperience and Sailor’s experience came together in a big way on the Australian program The Footy Show, and the result is not for the faint of heart.

Although Lincoln Hawk won a new life for him and his son with arm wrestling, most pro arm wrestlers also end up with fractures, ligaments, and muscle tears in their elbows and arms. One of the most common injuries associated with arm wrestling is tendonitis in the elbow caused by intense and prolonged pressure on the biceps, triceps, and elbows.