After biting into his piece of KFC chicken, 7-year-old Oliver Hallam received an unpleasant surprise. What he had bitten into was not chicken, but rather a deep-friend blue hygienic hand towel.

Twenty-nine-year-old Krystal Henderson and her step-son, Oliver, purchased food from a KFC in Newcastle, England. Henderson told the Daily Mail, she was traumatized, upset, and crying about the incident.

“Realizing it was the blue roll was worse than chicken they might have just had a bad batch or something, but the blue roll could have been used for anything – it could have bleach or disinfectant on it,” Henderson told the Daily Mail. “To give that to a child, I felt so guilty even though it wasn’t my fault. For a child to bite into that is horrendous,” she said.

After realizing what her step-son had bit into, Henderson returned to the restaurant and was told to call customer service, who were apparently hard to get in touch with. Following an investigation, KFC apologized, refunded her, and offered her a free meal. However, Henderson says the incident has put her and Oliver off KFC for life. Fortunately, Oliver didn’t get sick, but Henderson claims Oliver lost his appetite and didn’t eat anything for the rest of the week.

A letter to Henderson read: “The blue tissue has most likely originated from a tissue roll used for KFC hygiene purposes. The store assumes it must have fallen unseen into the breading lug that is under the sieve and was not noticed by the cook.”

“We’re very sorry for Ms. Henderson’s experience and apologized to her immediately ... We take food quality and hygiene very seriously and unfortunately, on this extremely rare occasion, our restaurant failed to meet the high standards that both we and our customers expect. We have retrained staff on our stringent food preparation procedures at this store to ensure this doesn’t happen again,” a spokesperson for the franchise said.

This is not the first time KFC is making headlines this month. A few weeks ago, a 3-year-old girl was reportedly denied service by a KFC employee because of her facial scars from a pit bull attack. However, the story is reportedly a hoax and is still under investigation. The family of the girl still insists that their claim is not fallacious.