Medical Daily is dedicated to covering health and science news that matters most to our generation. We cover a wide range of stories, but ultimately we are driven by two core values: first, to contribute to our readers’ understanding of what is a very complex and constantly changing field of information, and second, to keep in mind the ultimate “smell test” —we want our stories to be the kind of things you talk about at a bar with your friends.

Medical Daily determines coverage based on relevance, clinical significance, and editorial integrity. We give no priority to commercial considerations, and will always clearly distinguish between factual content, commentary, and opinions to avoid misleading readers with institutional propaganda and speculation.

Editorial Staff

Johnathan Davis

Chief Content Officer and Publisher

Johnathan Davis is Chief Content Officer of IBT Media Inc. He is responsible for digital content strategy across the company's global network, and the deployment and delivery across new and existing platforms. Davis co-founded the company with Chief Executive Officer Etienne Uzac.

Nalin Kaul

Social & Content Marketing Manager

Nalin Kaul is responsible for Medical Daily’s social media and content marketing strategy. He earned an MBA in marketing and finance from Fordham University where he graduated summa cum laude. When he’s not obsessing over strategy and ideas, you can find him enjoying puns, craft beers, and high fives.


Brittany Williams

Social Media Coordinator

Brittany Williams is the Social Media Coordinator for Medical Daily. She attended the University of Chicago where she earned a degree in Biological Chemistry. When she isn't managing social media, she can be found knitting, cooking and trying new restaurants in search of the best white pizza in the world. 


Samantha Olson

Frontpage Editor

Samantha Olson is a Long Island native, beach bum, and runner with a passion for nutrition and public health. She earned her BA in Professional Writing with a Business Administration minor at King’s College, and her MS in Journalism at Stony Brook University. She was selected by the National Press Foundation as a 2015 Journalism Fellow for Mayo Clinic’s Precision Medicine Program.


Kelly Rush

Copy Editor

Kelly Rush is the copy editor for Medical Daily. She began her career as a reporter working for metro newspapers in Southern California where she covered crime, politics, and many other subjects, and still jumps at the sound of a police scanner. She also worked as an editor, public relations manager, and writing teacher before coming to New York City to earn her MFA in creative writing from The New School, where she earned the school's top literary prize in non-fiction writing. She lives in Brooklyn, steps from the waterfront.


Liz Borreli

Senior Staff Reporter

Liz Borreli is a writer, a film critic and a sports enthusiast. She received her BA in Media Studies from CUNY Hunter College, where she wrote for two school papers, The Hunter Word and The Envoy. Liz has also contributed to the neighborhood paper the Greenpoint Gazette covering local issues in Greenpoint and Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Her coverage of recent film festivals include the Sprout Film Festival, the New York Film Festival and the Tribeca Film Festival.


Ed Cara

Staff Reporter

Ed Cara is a Brooklyn-based writer and pug enthusiast. When not delving into the nitty-gritty of psychology, sociology, and public health, he enjoys running, moonlighting as a improv comedian, and volunteering. Please don't let him show you his Christopher Walken accent. He has previously contributed to The Atlantic and Pacific Standard magazine.


Dana Dovey

Staff Reporter

Dana Dovey was born and raised in New York but spent five years in England studying at The University of Hertfordshire and drinking an unnatural amount of tea. She has an MA in Journalism and Media Communications and enjoys covering science and technology stories for Medical Daily. Dana previously worked for Cover Media in London and has contributed to Newsweek magazine.