Men may jump on board for this fad diet: eating sausages and drinking six beers a day during Oktoberfest can help lower cholesterol and drop the pounds, claims an Arizona man.

Evo Terro has gone on his annual, month-long sausage and beer diet for the last three years, consuming 15,000 calories per week. The dangerously high-caloric diet has helped the Arizona man lose 14 lbs. and lower his cholesterol by a third. Terro’s October diet is done under the supervision of his doctor, Dr. Terry Simpson, to make sure it doesn’t compromise his health.

"We blew everything out of the water. The first year, lost 14 pounds, most of it body fat. His cholesterol went down by a third,” Dr. Simpson, a weight loss specialist told KSAZ, a Fox News affiliate station in Arizona.

The Oktoberfest dieter does not limit himself to a specific kind of sausage; he varies his sausages throughout his three meals a day. Terro eats breakfast sausage, Italian sausage, Kielbasa, and hot dog sausage for his month-long diet. "The sausage comes in many shapes and forms. I'm using today, beef sticks,” he said to FOX 10.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), a 2.33 oz. serving of sausage contains 200 calories. The high-fat meat is an excellent source of protein, vitamin B-12, and iron while providing all nine amino acids necessary in a person’s daily diet. However, sausage intake should be limited due to its saturated fat content that can raise blood cholesterol levels.

Simpson does Terro’s lab work to make sure his specific food intake does not present any complications. If Terro’s blood work indicates a problem, then Simpson assures that he would stop his patient’s diet immediately.

While Terro consumes a large quantity of sausages a day, his lower cholesterol levels may be linked to his beer consumption. Terro drinks a variety of beer throughout the day. The dieter starts off with a light, fruity designer beer in the morning, drinks regular beer in the afternoon, and ends his day with a stout or an ale at night, The Examiner reports. On average, the Arizona man drinks six beers a day.

Drinking one or two alcoholic drinks of any kind may decrease blood clotting, insulin resistance, and lower cholesterol levels, according to Discovery Health. Experts believe alcohol improves heart health by making the blood less likely to coagulate by increasing levels of HDL (good) cholesterol and lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol.

The sausage and beer month-long diet does have one disadvantage for Terro: he cannot get behind the wheel. The dieter relies on his son to drive him around town during his mission to lower cholesterol and shed the fat.

To assess Terro’s daily diet, The Blaze has calculated how much food he might be eating by doing the calorie math on his beer and sausage consumption:

So, 15,000 calories per week works out to just over 2,100 calories per day:

Consult with your physician before following the annual, month-long sausage and beer diet.