Attention, ladies in the New York metropolitan area: A New York City doctor is now working on a groundbreaking breast augmentation procedure that would offer ladies the opportunity to have bigger boobs for around two to three weeks. The procedure, dubbed Vacation Breasts, is not yet available, but according to the man behind the idea, it’s only a matter of time before women will be able to temporarily increase their bust size for special occasions.

Earlier this year, NYC plastic surgeon Norman Rowe revolutionized breast enhancement procedures with insta breast, a 20-minute procedure that can temporarily enlarge a woman’s breasts for 24 hours. According to Rowe, he can normally get a woman’s breasts a cup to a cup and a half bigger, which may sound like a dream come true to some, but reality strikes when the breasts deflate and return to their original size and shape.

“Twenty four hours is great, but it's still just 24 hours,” Rowe told ABC News. The doctor soon plans to offer a solution for this dilemma: Vacation Breasts. When developed, these breasts will retain their shape for up to three weeks. Rowe explained that he is currently in talks with the Food and Drug Administration on his newest creation, and tells eager patients-to-be that Vacation Breasts could be on the market as soon as 2016.

Rowe hasn’t disclosed exactly what the Vacation Breast solution is made from, but his current procedure, insta breasts, is achieved by injecting a saline solution directly into the breast tissue. Rowe explained that his Vacation Breasts would be used from a similar saline solution, plus an additive already widely used in the medical community for other purposes, ABC News reported.

ABC News senior medical contributor Jennifer Ashton predicted that the health risks associated with vacation breasts would be similar to those found in other procedures that involve injections.

“With this procedure, there is the risk of hitting a blood vessel with the injection (forming a hematoma) as well as a risk of infection, and the long-term risks, while they appear low, are unknown at this time. There are also cost issues," Ashton said.

Insta breasts are currently available for around $2,500 (depending on the cup size you wish to achieve), but Rowe predicts that the Vacation Breasts will be largely more popular and therefore cheaper. He also predicts that the in-the-works procedure won’t just be limited to temporary breast enlargement.

“It could be used for more than breasts," Rowe said. "Men might want to use it for pec[toral] or calf implants," the doctor added.