The Internet has no shortage of various objects being extracted from a person’s body, but this one may take the cake as the weirdest. Doctors at Hospital Universitário in Londrina removed a South American lungfish from an unidentified Brazilian man’s bowels, and even that description does not do the video justice. A warning to all of our squeamish readers, this video is very graphic.

There is no word yet on how exactly the fish became lodged in the patient’s rectum, but my guess is it’s not a pretty story. Although the man undoubtedly did not find his situation that amusing, nurses overseeing the operation can be heard laughing and taking pictures with their smartphones as the 2-foot-long eel-like fish is pulled out of his body.

As strange as this story is, it is by no means the first time a living creature has been removed from a person’s body. You may recall last month an Australian man underwent surgery to get rid of a tropical spider that had been crawling around his body for three days after burrowing in through his appendix scar. Dylan Thomas’s dermatologist made the ghastly discovery after his surgical scar began to swell and he experienced painful blisters on his skin.