A recent Gallup poll shows that money tops everything else when it comes to happiness. The poll finds that even in international dollars, which allows comparison across countries and time, “log household income tops the chart."

In 2012, Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School also found this was true when people made $75,000 or more annually, so money in some ways can buy happiness. The study did point out that there are two types of happiness: day-to-day mood and a deeper happiness. And while the $75,000 annual salary didn’t affect emotional well-being it does help with life satisfaction.

The Gallup Poll ranks education No. 2, being married No. 3, and being a female No. 4. It also shows the factors that can contribute to someone’s unhappiness. Having a child in the home had the biggest negative impact. Kids can bring happiness to many people, but a study from January 2014 also shows that they can sometimes ruin your life.

"We find that in terms of life evaluation, people with kids and people without kids are not very different," Arthur Stone of Stony Brook University told the Los Angeles Times. "But people with kids have more joys and happiness as well as more negative emotions, like anger, worry and stress."

So needless to say, these are correlated things, not factual, but next time someone tells you that money can’t buy happiness, show them the infographic below.

The effect of various socio-economic variables on happiness