Last Friday, Jason Garnett had two pints of blood drained from his penis after enduring a 17-hour erection. For anyone who’s never experienced such an ordeal (I’m guessing that's the majority of the world’s population), the situation is understandably hard to imagine. Luckily for us, we don’t have to. Garnett shared a short clip of his experience with Medical Daily so the world can have a glimpse of what draining two pints of blood from an erection actually looks like. As a disclaimer, this clip is not for the squeamish.

On Friday, Oct. 3, Garnett woke up with an erection that refused to go down. The 23-year-old tried everything to get rid of it. “I went for a run, took a cold ice bath, put ice on it,” Garnett said.

It became clear that medical attention was necessary. At the hospital, doctors hooked the young man from Northern England up to an intravenous drip in order to slowly drain his manhood of unnecessary blood, an experience which Garnett described as “horrible.”

In the short clip, we can see how slowly the blood drains from Garnett’s manhood. It’s not hard to understand why the entire process takes around two hours from start to finish. Thankfully, at this point, Garnett is administered morphine, and we see the drug clearly has a strong effect, as we hear Garnett humming along pleasantly as if he doesn’t have a 6-inch needle hooked up to his manhood.

Although shaken from the experience, Garnett is now doing OK and walked away with a story that you truly have to see to believe.