Pulsed electromagnetic fields have been used to treat a wide range of ailments in animals, including horses. In many cases, using PEMFs is preferable to using medicine.

Due to the fundamental effects of magnetic fields on all life, magnetic field therapies could be employed for practically every illness, just as they are in humans. Due to their faster metabolisms than humans, horses may be more responsive to these therapeutic PEMFs and more sensitive to them.

SentientLight and MagnaWave both offer popular PEMF machines that can rapidly reduce pain in livestock, horses, and pets without any side effects.

How does PEMF therapy work on horses?

Similar to how PEMFs work in people, the effects are produced by penetrating the entire horses’ body and stimulating every cell in their route.

As a result, horses frequently exhibit much improved healing after injury, surgery, illness, or other problems by raising the metabolism and energy in each individual cell in the body.

PEMF therapy is used for performance development, health maintenance, and recovery of equines in practically every competitive equestrian disciplines.

PEMF therapy is used during practices of horse for various ailments, such as tendon and ligament injuries, sore backs, sore stifles, chronic hock soreness, shoulders, laminitis, founders, stone bruises, and non-healing wounds.

After multiple PEMF sessions, owners and trainers can often observe and feel the changes in the movement of horses. It is a drug-free, safe, and efficient method for keeping your horse in healthy condition.

Benefits of PEMF therapy in horses

PEMF devices have been utilized for therapeutic purposes for more than a century. PEMF therapy has become increasingly well-known in the last ten years.

Clinical evidence supports the use of PEMF therapy in both humans and horses to treat both acute and long-term medical conditions.

PEMF therapy helps in treating the following conditions in horses:

• Tendon and Ligament Injuries
• Sore Backs
• Sore Stifles
• Chronic Hock Soreness
• Sore Shoulders
• Non-Union Fractures
• Gastric Ulcers
• Colic
• Laminitis
• Stone Bruises
• Non-Healing Wounds

Which PEMF machines are commonly used by veterinarians for horses?

Veterinarians use PEMF machines such as SENTIENT ELEMENT and MagnaWave for treating horses if they are suffering from back pain, arthritis, poor circulation, and tendon, muscle, or bone issues.

The MagnaWave provides a safe, effective, and drug-free alternative for keeping your horse in optimal health. Every competitive discipline uses MagnaWave for performance enhancement, health maintenance, and healing.

However, the SENTIENT ELEMENT proves to be a better alternative.

Why SENTIENT ELEMENT is a better alternative to MagnaWave for Horses

Comparison chart
Comparison chart SENTIENT ELEMENT

1. Coil design: SENTIENT ELEMENT uses a cutting-edge coil design. The size of the PEMF coils, similar to a sound field created by speakers, substantially influences the magnetic field they produce. If you want the magnetic field to penetrate deep into your body, it must be powerful enough to generate a strong magnetic field.

2. Frequency ranges: SENTIENT ELEMENT has a wider frequency range of 7-10,000 Hz compared to MagnaWave. SENTIENT ELEMENT is featured in MedicalNewsToday as the PEMF machine with Best Frequency ranges.

3. Intensity: SENTIENT ELEMENT has an intensity of 350 continuous gauss, which can spike up to 150,000 peak gauss. 3,990 G make up Magnawave. In comparison to Magnawave, SENTIENT ELEMENT is more powerful.

4. Waveforms: SENTIENT ELEMENT supports all types of waveforms, but MagnaWave supports only the sawtooth waveform.

5. Safe and Reliable: SENTIENT ELEMENT features overheating and amplifier overdrive protection. Therefore, it can last longer than Magnawave thanks to these safeguards.

6. Lifetime warranty: SENTIENT ELEMENT comes with a lifetime warranty. Maganwave offers only a three-year warranty.

7. Number of programs: There are thousands of programs to choose from.

8. Customize your therapy sessions: You can completely personalize your PEMF therapy sessions using SENTIENT ELEMENT. Choose between long, low-intensity sessions to short, deep-penetrating high-intensity sessions, or anything in between.

9. Affordability: MagnaWave costs $7950 while SENTIENT ELEMENT costs only $4600.

Final takeaway

SENTIENT ELEMENT can help your horses better than MagnaWave, to train at its peak, compete to its full potential, recover from injury and reduce soreness following an exercise session.

You cannot find a more powerful PEMF machine than the SENTIENT ELEMENT at such an affordable price. No other PEMF machine in today’s market comes even closer to its power, including MagnaWave.

SENTIENT ELEMENT is featured as the best PEMF device for frequency ranges by MedicalNewsToday.

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