Pakistan may be known for a lot of things, but openness toward sex is not one of them. A new health show, Clinic Online, on the Pakistani television channel Health TV, is trying to change this by addressing the subject of sexuality in a medical and professional manner. In a country where even breast cancer was once a taboo subject, doctors will now be taking viewers' calls on air, answering questions ranging from STDs to abortion.

In Pakistan, like many Islamic countries, talking about the body in public is taboo. For that reason, the show's host, Dr. Nadim Uddin Siddiqui, emphasizes that the sexual topics on the show will be discussed in an objective, scientific way.

“This is a very sensitive topic, so I’ll try to keep this topic in a respective manner and not to produce any type of controversy on my program,” Siddiqui told AFP. “These are infections, these are disease. We have to fight against the disease, whatever the disease is.”

However, to make sure things don't get too controversial in the Muslim country, there is a religious leader on call to guide the discussion in the correct spiritual direction. Although abortion is illegal in Pakistan, the mufti, or Islamic scholar, Shahid Madani, explained that Sharia law made exceptions for circumstances where the life of the mother was in danger.

“The life of a mother is a reality, and that of the child if not yet certain,” Madani said.

Still, regardless of the extreme efforts the show takes to maintain a professional outlook on sexual health, according to AFP, it's still causing an uproar in Pakistan.