The human body truly is an amazing structure, and a Russian man named Alexander is here to prove it. After picking up gymnastics, Alexander found that parts of his body, in particular his vertebrae, were extremely flexible. He decided to push his body to the limit to find out just how far he could go. Following a little practice, Alexander developed the ability to turn his head a complete 180 degrees. According to his doctor, you should not try this at home.

“Many years ago, I started doing gymnastics, and that’s where I noticed that the vertebrae of my body are flexible, and I can turn my head farther than normal,” Alexander explained. “I worked on this step by step, going a little further each time, and one day I was able to turn my head all the way around.”

Alexander’s doctor said in his 30 years of being a radiologist he has never seen anything like this before. He believes Alexander’s unique ability is a congenital trait and not something a person can learn. He is certain that if anyone without Alexander’s flexibility attempted this feat they would surely break their neck.

“When I do, it takes energy from my whole body,” Alexander added. “This requires concentration of 100 percent. It may sound silly, I know, but at that moment, I do not feel myself. And as if it were another whose body is filled with some kind of energy. For me, it is absolutely normal, and it does not hurt at all.”