Paradigm Malibu is a leading mental health treatment center with a specialization in addressing the needs of adolescents. Teens are welcomed into an environment of understanding, support, and guidance, all of which is facilitated by highly qualified staff. Client satisfaction is of upmost importance, and both teens and their families are welcome to openly consult with staff throughout participation in the program. The treatment is designed to produce maximum, lasting, results.

Each of Paradigm Malibu’s California-based facilities is arranged as a healing environment, conducive to mental wellness. Clients are surrounded by mountains, oceans, and vegetation. The housing is upscale, warm, and inviting. Meals are specially prepared, and many amenities exist for exercise and interaction. Visual tours of each facility are available on the official website.

In addition to the serene setting, quality of treatment is ensured through limiting the amount of participants at each site. Paradigm Malibu maintains the highest ratio of staff-to-client in the nation, which means that each client receives the ultimate amount of care. The treatment staff is available for consultation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and parents will always have access to the knowledge of which staff their teen is interacting with.

The needs of teens are highly varied, which is why Paradigm Malibu provides a wide range of treatment options. Staff members are specialized in addressing more common mental health concerns – such as depression and anxiety – as well as in treating specific issues such as eating disorders; identity formation; self-harm; technology addiction; substance abuse; and psychosis. There are programs designed for teens on the autism scale, and for those considered twice-gifted. As teens are still in school, there is also a specialized focus on providing academic support within the program.

It is the philosophy of Paradigm Malibu that mental health issues do not exist in a bubble. A holistic approach is forefront, with services designed to meet emotional, physical, social, familial, and spiritual needs. To ensure that individualized treatment plans are developed in a way that maximizes positive results, comprehensive screenings, assessments, and consultations are regularly performed. These steps ensure that the treatment plan will be a customized fit, addressing each area of client need in the way best suited to individual belief systems, customs, and perspectives.

A specialization in adolescence provides Paradigm Malibu with the tools to work with the unique needs of teenagers. No two teens are the same, and this is both recognized, and valued. For those who may be resistant to participate in therapy, staff members are equipped with the skill of fostering motivation. A focus on positive traits, strengths, and skills is utilized in encouraging teens to make the most of their experience. Reluctant clients are encouraged, emphatic clients are guided, and shy clients are not overlooked.

To foster the longevity of successful treatment, Paradigm Malibu utilizes a core focus, in which problematic behaviors are addressed at the source. It is known that teens displaying negative behaviors are often seeking relief from a struggle with internal issues, and the root of such issues are often found to lie in depression, anxiety, or feelings of isolation. When these root causes are treated, the negative symptoms are less likely to reemerge. The lasting success of this core approach is apparent in the many testimonials of clients and their family members, and in the repeated recognition of the effectiveness of Paradigm Malibu by professional organizations.

Treatment services at Paradigm Malibu are intense. This means that clients receive individualized, interactive, attention on a daily basis, while ensuring that they can return to their daily lives as soon as possible. Archaic, ineffective, approaches – such as employing point systems and assigning busy work – are not part of the treatment plan. Teens actively participate in individual and group therapy sessions throughout each day of their stay. Programs include therapy through mediums such as art, music, theater, and writing. There is also a focus on nutrition and exercise, and a comprehensive system for developing effective social skills.

Parents are highly encouraged to participate in the wellness of their teens. Paradigm Malibu utilizes family therapy and exercise sessions, which ensure that parents are aware of treatment modalities and specific goals pertaining to their child. Parental coaching and effectiveness training is also provided, where parents receive the tools necessary to sustain the positive effects of treatment while their teen is in the home. In addition, there is therapeutic support available for siblings, whose needs are often overlooked during these times.

Admission into a Paradigm Malibu program has been streamlined for ease of service. Applications and supporting documents can be submitted through the website, and customized support for the process is available. The program accepts a wide range of insurance plans. A list of previously accepted insurance is available, and Paradigm Malibu is happy to assist with any pre-certification necessary.

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