Judy Brown, 47, didn't know she was pregnant. She arrived at Beverly Hospital in Massachusetts on Wednesday, Nov. 3, with what she believed was abdominal pain, only to find out that she was actually in labor.

ABC affiliate WCVB-5 reported Brown had noticed "some things going on with her body," but hadn't considered pregnancy. She experienced no morning sickness and figured her weight gain was a result of entering menopause. She and her husband, Jason, were completely surprised to hear she was pregnant.

"It's good news," the doctors told Judy. "There's no blockage. You are pregnant and you are going to have her now!"

The Browns told WCVB that their approach to children has always been "if it happens, it happens." Now, they have an 8-pound baby girl named Carolyn. And they're reaching out to friends and family for baby items and furniture, including a bassinet and stroller.

Though happy to welcome Carolyn, Jason told WCVB she will be the couple's only child. He added he'll get a vasectomy "before it even becomes a thought." As for now, Judy added their daughter is already "daddy's little girl."

It seems hard to believe Judy could not have known she was pregnant — but she's far fro the first woman to experience a "surprise pregnancy." Parenting shared Jennifer West's story; she had simply missed "all the obvious symptoms." West mistook morning sickness for the flu; missed periods as a normal part of her irregular cycle; and attributed heartburn and stomach pain to her ulcer.

According to Slate, "a very small number of mothers make it to the labor stage without finding out they're expecting." But of the women who do, they are more likely to have an irregular period, which means they're less likely to catch the first and most obvious sign of pregnancy: missed periods.

Then, if women are older, they may not even think pregnancy is possible, making it easier to "explain away" symptoms. In fact, how old is too old for a woman to give birth remains heavily debated in the scientific community.

You can see more of the Browns and baby Carolyn in the video below.