Whether women are on the pill, using a condom, or are lesbians — apparently — pregnancy should never be ruled out when it comes to abdominal issues. A lesbian couple from Arizona soon learned to “never say never” after their sexual escapades in the bedroom landed them in the ER. Same-sex couple Mare and Maggie were adamant Mare was not pregnant when ER physician Dr. Thuan Nguyen told the pair he had to perform a routine pregnancy test to see if it was a cause of the severe abdominal pain.

"The most important thing is you get an ultrasound," says Nguyen in TLC’s Sex Sent Me to the ER video clip. Mare expressed her frustration over having an ultrasound after she revealed to the ER physician Maggie was just not a friend but her partner. This is why the lesbian couple quickly chose to rule out pregnancy as a possible option.

Mare’s stomach pains started to set in when she and Maggie were having sex. Her symptoms in the ER were associated with early pregnancy because during the first trimester, according to the American Pregnancy Association, cramping during pregnancy often results from normal changes that occur during the baby’s developing. The cramping is described as a pulling sensation on one or both sides of the abdomen. Typically, cramping occurs when the uterus expands, which causes the ligaments, and muscles, which support the uterus, to stretch.

The ultrasound would be very telling of whether Mare’s symptoms are related to pregnancy. "The hardest part of this whole case was the moment right before I was gonna tell the patient and her significant other that she is pregnant,” Nguyen says. After Mare reveals to Maggie she has dated men in the past and this is her first lesbian relationship, Nguyen announces, “You don't have an ectopic pregnancy, but the ultrasound does confirm that you are pregnant."

Mare’s pregnancy occurred when she and Maggie were on a break, and Mare went back to her ex-boyfriend for a sexual rendezvous. Only seen in the full episode clip, the couple reconciled their differences as soon as they learned the ultrasound revealed two gestational sacs, which means Mare is pregnant with twins. Sometimes abdominal pain is not just abdominal pain.