The 25-year-old wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks, Percy Harvin, was traded in March as he was seen as the 'missing piece of the puzzle' to get the NFL team on track to secure a Super Bowl position. Since the signing of a six-year $67 million contract, the wide receiver has experienced a series of heath ailments that made him miss the second half of the 2012 season and possibly the Seahawks 2013-2014 season. Ian Rapoport, reporter, tweeted Harvin's suspected recent injury: "Let me clarify, because this is why there is a second opinion coming: Docs looking at a possible slight tear in Harvin's labrum." The validation of the tweet came from a source who was aware of the player's condition and later told Rapoport. However, speculation of the wide receiver's injury was confirmed by Seahawks coach, Pete Carroll who said "We're going to take a real good look at it and get second opinions and all that kind of stuff, to do the right thing. It's really early in camp, we got plenty of time to get this thing worked out, so we're being very careful," reports

Harvin's condition raises concerns for the Seahawks chances to go to the Super Bowl, if surgery is required for the ballplayer, the Seahawks offensive attack will receive a blow. While the team's chances of landing in the 2014 Super Bowl are not significantly impacted by Harvin's injury, the Seahawks' investment in the player has not seen promise.

Conflicting Reports On Initial Hip Injury Diagnosis

Days prior to the NFL player's hip injury, Carroll says Harvin was, "working full speed" but he wants to be careful in putting the player back in training camp. "We have to bring them back in good order and be diligent about the process right now," he said. However, speculation circulating on whether the Seahawks' doctor recommended Harvin to get hip surgery leaves NFL fans with conflicting reports.

According to Rapoport, a source close to Harvin told him surgery was not what the Seahawks doctor suggested the NFL player to do. Yet, Carroll told the media outlets, "We're going to take a real good look at it and get second opinions and all that kind of stuff, to do the right thing." Since the announcement of Harvin travel arrangements to go to New York on Tuesday night to get a second opinion, this has led many to believe the initial diagnosis of the Seahawks' doctor was to get hip surgery for the injury.

Hip Labral Tear

Harvin's hip labrum "slight tear" could leave the player out of the football field and on much needed rest. In the hip, the labrum acts like a structure that pairs up the edge or rim of the hip socket, it's similar to a bumper cushion on a pool table, says Duke University Health System. A tear in the labrum is said to be extremely painful because of the nerve fibers that cushion the ball and socket of the hips when they bend.

Athletes have been linked to have a higher risk of developing a hip labral tear throughout their athletic careers because of the force of the overhead motion - the use of the entire body through a series of movements - that contribute to the injury.

Surgery for labral tears are usually repaired or trimmed during a hip arthroscopy, where the torn piece of the labrum may be cut or removed or in some cases, the damaged tissue is sewn back together, says Duke University Health System.

While the Harvin trade back in March might have been the Seahawks secret weapon to the Super Bowl, the team might have to make some adjustments in their offense in the event that the wide receiver's second opinion could be: hip surgery.