Dr. Jason Shumard is redefining alternative healthcare with his unique blend of chiropractic knowledge and functional medicine expertise. His nearly 20-year career is dedicated to exploring complex health conditions and advocating for holistic healing methods. Driven by a deeply personal experience, his journey is a beacon of hope for those with type 2 diabetes, thyroid and autoimmune disorders, and other chronic conditions.

Raised in sunny California, Dr. Shumard's passion for holistic well-being was ignited from a profoundly personal experience—the loss of his mother to type 2 diabetes. As a result of this poignant event, he began a mission to reverse type 2 diabetes and enhance the quality of life for countless individuals. Driven by the ambitious goal of changing the lives of one million people, Dr. Shumard tirelessly pursues this vision with steadfast dedication.

Distinguishing himself in the Functional Medicine arena, Dr. Shumard's approach transcends the traditional symptom-centric paradigm. He delves into the core of health issues, steering away from conventional medicine's focus on symptom management. His commitment not only enables him to alleviate immediate concerns but positions him to orchestrate lasting transformations in the lives of his patients.

In tandem with his dedicated team, Dr. Shumard stands at the forefront of alternative healthcare, redefining medical care with a resolute, patient-centric approach. Their belief in offering more options and addressing the root causes of ailments positions them as pioneers in the field. Mentorship has also been a guiding force in Dr. Shumard's journey, with two transformative mentors shaping his perspective. The first instilled in him a strong work ethic and the recognition of the value of his services. The second mentor nurtured his confidence and expanded his horizons by imparting the principles of Functional Medicine. The combination of this knowledge enhanced his clinical skills, allowing him to provide effective protocols for patients seeking optimal health.

Learning the commitment to self-care from his mentors led Dr. Shumard to reassess his life priorities. During an eye-opening exercise, he made a list of his top 10 priorities and realized that he hadn't even included himself in it. This realization brought about a change in how he approached both his work and life. Dr. Shumard understood that to truly assist others and achieve success, taking care of his well-being was crucial.

Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, Dr. Shumard has identified five critical aspects that he wishes someone had mentored him on before starting his practice: business structure, business skills, marketing, business organization, and sales. Each of these components plays a vital role in building and maintaining a successful healthcare practice.

Dr. Shumard also sees a future where healthcare professionals are well-enough equipped with the skills to guide patients toward making informed decisions about their well-being. His ambitious plan includes creating a healthcare sales training program.

You can keep up with Dr. Jason Shumard's journey on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube or visit his website at drshumard.com. With a blend of passion, knowledge, and dedication to tackling the causes of health problems, Dr. Shumard provides genuine hope for individuals seeking a holistic approach to healing and overall wellness.