Most soon-to-be brides pray their wedding goes off without a hitch. Sarah Ray was no different. However, when an ugly situation presented itself involving members of her own family, she was quick to put aside the expectations for her big day to lend a helping hand and begrudgingly pose for one of the most unconventional wedding day photos ever taken. Ray, who has since been dubbed the “paramedic bride,” maintains that none of what she did can be considered heroic. Because it’s her actual job.

“How dedicated are you to your job?” reads a Montgomery County, Tennessee Facebook post. “Sarah Ray, Paramedic with Montgomery County Emergency Medical Services, was photographed on her wedding night working the wreck of one of her wedding guests. Now that's dedication. ... She stopped to assist on the way from the wedding to the reception! Thank you, Sarah, for loving what you do!”

After Ray and her husband Paul said their vows on Oct. 3, the newlyweds and a couple of family members stayed behind to take a few photos before heading over to the reception. As they were getting ready to leave they received a call that the car carrying Ray’s grandmother, grandfather, and father had crashed. Ray, her sister, and her husband of around an hour jumped in the car and rushed over to the scene of the accident.

She was relieved to learn that although her grandmother sustained minor bruises due to the airbags, no one was seriously injured and everyone would be on hand for the reception. Once Ray had time to check on her grandmother and fellow paramedics who were handling the situation, she walked back to the car in her wedding dress with fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars galore. Her mother, Marcy Martin, a professional photographer, saw the perfect opportunity for a very unique wedding photo.

"She's giving me that look, like 'Really? You're going to take my picture now?'" Martin told The Leaf-Chronicle. "It was just about the contrast — the beauty of her and then the chaos in the background."