Many of us have spent years hearing about all of the things that cannabidiol (CBD) is capable of, from potentially helping people unwind after a long day to more advanced properties that are being explored by the medical community.  Most CBD products on the market are meant for being taken internally, such as tinctures, gummies, capsules, and vapes, which allow the cannabidiol compound of the hemp plant to work its way through various bodily systems to bind with numerous cannabinoid receptors tasked with regulating individual processes of the body.

But then, there are topicals.  CBD-infused topicals offer a one-of-a-kind delivery method that’s very different from the other types of products we’ve mentioned, and what it can do to enhance our routines makes it a product that belongs in every person’s cabinet.

What Do Topical CBD Products Have to Offer?

CBD topicals refer to any product that is infused with hemp extract and is applied to the skin rather than taken internally.  What makes topicals unique, whether in the form of salves, creams, gels, or massage oils, is that they allow the compounds of the hemp plant to absorb through the skin to reach the deep tissue in a targeted, localized way.  This means that each application really zeroes in on a specific problem area pertaining to the skin, joints, or muscles.  Topicals are not associated with offering the known effects of CBD to other systems of the body.

Most people report topicals offering effects within 15 or so minutes and lasting for up to 6 hours.  They can be used multiple times a day if needed, and typically contain ingredients gentle to the skin.

What to Look for in a CBD Topical

CBD topicals can vary in terms of quality, effectiveness and other factors that play a big role in whether or not a particular formula is worth using.  Here are the most important things to look for when selecting a topical:

●  Strength: Always pay attention to the milligram strength of a topical.  This information tells you how many milligrams of hemp extract are actually in the formula, thus determining how potent the effects of the CBD will be.  We don’t recommend anything below 100mg per ounce.

●  Ingredients: It’s important to read the ingredients of a topical, to make sure that they are all ingredients that agree with your skin’s needs, and to make sure that they are high-quality, natural ingredients rather than cheap chemical fillers and additives.

●  Type of Hemp Extract: Companies can make their topicals with CBD isolate (pure cannabidiol), broad spectrum hemp (THC-free but abundant in cannabinoids and terpenes) and full spectrum hemp (the complete array of cannabinoids in the hemp plant).  We prefer full spectrum hemp extract, as do most experts, because the more hemp compounds, the more properties are being delivered to areas in need.  Further, full spectrum hemp supports the entourage effect, a synergistic phenomenon in which the presence of all naturally occurring compounds leads to stronger effects.

●  Consistency: You want a product consistency that isn’t going to be difficult to apply, and isn’t too sticky or greasy, leaving behind an unpleasant residue.

●  Application: You can find all kinds of topicals including balms, creams, lotions and even sprays.  Salves are the most popular since they tend to absorb the most quickly and thoroughly through the layers of the skin.

●  Lab-Testing: Always go with a CBD company that does third-party testing on all of their products, to verify that their hemp is clean, pure, legitimate and potent.

CBD Topicals with Menthol: A Gamechanger in the Industry

One of the latest trends on the topical market is menthol-infused topicals, which can act as a serious gamechanger in anyone’s daily routine.  CBD alone may be able to be very useful for topical applications, but menthol takes things to a whole new level.  Menthol is a crystallized compound derived from the mint family, which provides the herb with its cool taste.  When applied topically, menthol can cool the skin, muscles and joints in a way that can be extremely gratifying to anyone dealing with tension or discomfort of any kind, all in a completely holistic manner.  

CBD For The People’s Dark Unrefined Menthol CBD Salve

FTP has worked hard to formulate an absolute best topical product that the market can offer.  So, if you’re looking for a way to localize the effects of the hemp plant, our Menthol CBD Topical Salve is the perfect choice for anyone looking to approach discomfort with hemp-infused topical care.  It will transform your daily routine with powerful hemp extract and cooling menthol that sink deep into the muscles and joints.  Grab a jar today and apply daily for maximum results.

Dark, Unrefined Full Spectrum Hemp

One thing that separates FTP from the competition is our use of dark, unrefined hemp extract.  We don’t go through any refinement processes, to ensure that the hemp is as potent, chemically stable, and compound-dense as possible.  This can make a major difference when it comes to effectiveness.  In fact, our company uses full spectrum hemp extract to provide affected areas with all of the compounds in hemp.

Infused with Menthol

Our salve is infused with menthol crystals, offering a refreshing icy sensation upon application that can last for a while as you go about your day.

Two Milligram Strengths

Our 2oz jars come in both 600mg and 1200mg options, letting you choose how potent you would like each application to be.

Clean Ingredients

We only use natural, plant-based ingredients to formula our topicals as well as our other CBD products.