Can you think yourself to orgasm? Can you reach a climax without even being touched down there? While your first instinct would be to say, “Absolutely not,” there are quite a few people out there who claim that “thinking off,” a new term used to describe a mind-derived orgasm, is just another form of untapped sexual pleasure. And it’s helping people of all types, especially those with physical disabilities, achieve orgasm in a way they previously could not.

So how exactly does it work, and why did people start doing it? Well, Barbara Carrellas tells CBS News that she first mastered the art of “thinking off” in the 1980s, when the AIDS epidemic forced herself and her close friends to find alternative forms of sexuality that would not risk spreading the infection. After going to a workshop which taught her to channel the power of her mind, along with fantasy, to reach a mind-orgasm, she honed the practice and has been using it ever since.

And while this may sound like a load of bologna, researchers at Rutgers University decided to investigate her case further, putting Carrellas in an MRI machine while she solidified her mind-body connection and made herself orgasm via thought. Much to their surprise, researchers found that the areas of the brain associated with orgasm lit up within Carrellas just as they would if being physically stimulated.

In the above video, Mosaic Science, along with Mik Scarlet, takes this phenomenon one step further, channeling the ability to “think off” into developing another erogenous zone on your body outside of your genitals. This practice, which was developed for those with spinal injuries, or paralysis, has given many with disabilities the chance to engage in an active, healthy sex life despite their injuries.

In a lot of ways, this technique utilizes the ability to “think off,” just with some added steps; by allowing yourself to think sexy thoughts while in a comfortable space, you can channel your sexuality mentally in a way Carrellas has been doing for years. Scarlet says that once you let go of guilt (a vital step) and let your mind wander freely, you will feel yourself have an orgasm from the head down, a much more intense sensation than you’ve previously experienced.

Then comes the second step: developing another erogenous zone. Scarlet says to pick an area on your body (anything outside of your downstairs region), and touch that area while fantasizing in the same fashion you would while “thinking off.” These two practices in conjunction will eventually center sexual energy to that part, allowing you to achieve orgasm (supposedly) while stimulating that area.

Whether this works, I can’t say personally…it’s not like I’ve tried it or anything. But for all you skeptics out there, maybe have a good think today, and see whether or not you can turn your ear, or whatever you choose, into your new playtime spot.