A surprising one in three singles admitted that they would rather go without sex for a year than give up their favorite food, according to a new study.

The survey of 4,000, conducted by TODAY.com and Match.com, found that 39 percent of single women and 16 percent of single men would rather forego having sex for a year than to give up their favorite food.

Of those thousands who participated in the Love Bites: Dating and Dining survey, some were even happy to sacrifice sex for salad.

However, it's not just singletons that are willing to throw love out the window for food. In an additional survey of 3,500 married individuals, 28 percent chose their perfect meal over having sex with their partner.

While the majority of respondents were willing to give up sex for steak, chocolate and ice cream, some were even willing to deprive themselves a year of fun in between the sheets for Caprese salad, sushi, and fresh fruits.

“People often say things like they'd pick money or sleep or food over sex. I think this shows that people take sex for granted, or that they're not enjoying sex enough to really value it appropriately,” sex therapist and author Ian Kerner told MSNBC, commenting on the study's findings. "I think this shows that people take sex for granted, or that they're not enjoying sex enough to really value it appropriately."

Kerner said that people's choice of food might be the reason why many people choosing food over sex are not getting the most out of their sexual experience.

While chocolate and steak both have mood boosting ingredients, some foods make people full and lazy.

"If you find yourself picking food over sex, perhaps you need to approach sex a bit more like food and vary your diet," Kerner suggested.

Other interesting findings related to food in sex found that 66 percent of singles said they were turned off by a person's lack of adventure when it comes to trying new foods, 35 percent were unimpressed by people who lack food knowledge and 19 percent of singles would stop dating someone who could cook.

However, a great 93 percent admit that they preferred someone who was bad in the kitchen over a partner with no skills in the bedroom.

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