It’s reported that up to 70% of the population have sensitive skin. More alarming, allergies and skin sensitivities are known to affect millions of patients taking prescriptions every year. This begs the question of why the largest segment of dermatology patients are forced to deal with retail medicines that expose their sensitive skin to all types of inactive ingredients and preservatives known to contain allergens and irritants? The unfortunate answer is Big Pharma wants the BIG profits of one-size-fits-all medications.

While active ingredients in all prescriptions are well-proven, the problems for people with sensitive skin arise from the rest of the formula which contains up to 93% inactive ingredients often added for the longest shelf life possible. Placing the business case above individual care is one of the many problems shining a negative light on today's pharmaceutical industry.

In late 2013, the FDA paved the way for more targeted solutions with the creation of 503B Outsourcing Facilities – where regulated drug manufacturers use the same approved active ingredients to innovate on formulations. Pills become topical medications, inactive ingredients are removed, and each customized medication can now be prescribed by doctors in a range of potencies. This created a viable, FDA-regulated opportunity to finally provide a solution for patients with sensitive skin.

Meet SKNV , the market leader in 503B customized medications for dermatology. As the first pharmacy for sensitive skin, SKNV is empowering dermatologists nationwide to help their patients in three important ways:

  1. Dermatologists prescribe SKNV to isolate the beneficial active ingredients from the unnecessary ones known to irritate sensitive skin. This creates a new product that is a customized version of the known drug without those allergens. Providing a targeted solution for people living with sensitive skin is a game changer for dermatology practices.
  2. SKNV enables dermatologists to prescribe varied strengths of known skin care drugs across all major skin conditions. Based on their care experience with a specific person – or across a lifetime of treating certain skin types – the prescriber now decides (and adjusts as needed) the potency for each patient.
  3. While many retail prescription medicines are only available in oral form, dermatologists who prescribe SKNV can transform pills into topical solutions so patients with sensitive skin can apply needed medications only to the affected area. SKNV enables doctors to treat localized skin conditions without having to impact the patient's entire body to get there.

SKNV's spot treatment approach enables doctors to adjust the potency of active Rx ingredients while removing unneeded additives and allergens – a truly revolutionary solution for patients with sensitive skin. Best of all, SKNV customized medications are available now for $49 each with free two-day shipping, and no prior authorization hassles from health insurance are required.

Every dermatologist already has access to SKNV and can start prescribing today by selecting SKNV Pharmacy from their EMR and entering the customized medication name. Dermatology practices can also talk with a SKNV consultant about tailoring Your Customized Dermatology System across Rx dispensing, skincare and digital health needs.

The full list of SKNV customized medications for EMR prescribing is available at