It’s not every day that we find ourselves in life-threatening situations, but if you did, would you know what to do? Luckily, the team at Alltime 10s has you covered in their latest video, "10 Life-Saving Facts Everyone Should Know."

The video covers life-and-death situations ranging from the highly likely events of potential drowning or choking, to less likely situations such as shark attacks. Still, as the scouts say, it’s important to always be prepared.

10) Heimlich Maneuver: the first-aid technique prevents choking. It’s very useful to learn seeing as it may not only save someone else's life, but also your own.

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9) Shark Attack: According to Alltime 10s, rather than go for the nose, which may aggravate a shark more than deter it, try to attack its eyes.

8) Pregnancy test: While we all know pregnancy tests are effective at predicting pregnancies, according to the team at Alltime 10s, they can also accurately detect some forms of testicular cancer.

7) Drowning: Unfortunately, drowning is all-too common. However, many people don't know that denim jeans are actually quite buoyant and can be used as a makeshift life saver.

6) Stab wounds: According to the video, do not attempt to pull out any foreign objects from the body; just leave this part to the professionals.

5) Falling from heights: While this may be easier said than done, it’s best to relax if you find yourself falling. This can help minimize bodily damage.

4) Red Eye: While red-eye may be a nuisance in photographs, lack of red eye could possibly be a sign of a rare form of eye cancer.

3) Condoms: These aren’t just useful for safe sex, they are also handy survival tools as they can hold up to three liters of water.

2) Sinking Car: Whatever you do, don’t panic. According to Alltime 10s, it’s best to roll down the window and escape the car this way.

1) Electrocution: If you see someone else being electrocuted and are unable to shut off the source of electricity, try hitting them with a hard non-conductive object, such as a big stick.

To see a deeper explanation, watch the video below.

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