Would you rather have two vaginas or two penises? This is the sort of question that might come up when thinking about people who were born with extra body parts. And there are more of them than you may know.

A new video, “10 Extraordinary People Born With Extra Body Parts,” explains that almost one in every 2,000 women has double reproductive organs, like two uteruses, “with most never realizing.” The Mayo Clinic says a double uterus comes during fetal development, when two tubes that “normally join to create one larger, hollow organ” develop into two separate uteruses. Those two organs may have one cervix opening into the vagina or respective ones. In some cases, that means two vaginas — if “a thin wall of tissue runs down the length of the vagina, dividing it into two separate openings.”

When it comes to sex, Scientific American says, “Most women with two vaginas do not get surgery to fuse them, because one side is typically bigger than the other, so they have intercourse using just that one side.” The video, from the channel Alltime10s, adds to this by explaining that some of those women with two vaginas even have a preference of which one is used during sex.

And while it is rare because both sides would have to drop eggs to be fertilized at the same time, there have been women who have delivered babies from separate uteruses in one pregnancy. Scientific American notes that the uteruses go into labor together.

When there are two penises, which is much rarer, both organs can be fully functioning similar to the double vaginas. Then there are extra limbs, fingers and toes, nipples and even breasts. One man listed in the video had an extra 92 bones throughout his body, and another had a total of five functioning kidneys. There was also a hint of the mythical, with one woman who had grown one horn on the left side of her forehead and was excitedly expecting a second horn on the other side.