Hollywood has conditioned us to associate psychopaths with blood-thirsty killers, but in reality, this is an actual personality trait that anyone can possess. Even you. Recently, the team at All Time 10’s made a video highlighting the top 10 personality traits that psychopaths possess. You may be surprised to find yourself possessing more than one of these.

As explained in the video, some of the most common traits found in those with personalities that score highly on the psychopathic scale are not specifically negative. For example, being a night owl, having a preference for bitter foods, and having a poor sense of smell are all character traits highly associated with psychopaths.

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On the other hand, other psychopathic personality traits are more recognizable, such as lack of empathy, grandiose sense of self worth, and being a pathological liar. According to the video, traits such as lying and lack of empathy are often used by psychopathic individuals to help shift the blame and not take responsibility for their actions. Their lack of empathy and desire for immediate gratification also tends to make psychopaths more sexually promiscuous than the average individual.

The inability to take responsibility is a key part of a psychopath's personality, and linguists have revealed that even the way psychopaths speak highlights this trait. For example, those with dark personalities tend to use more conjunctions in their speech, such as "but," in an effort to shift blame.

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