Turning 100 years old should entitle someone to certain amenities. But all that one raunchy grandma wants is to keep her sex life intact.

A celebratory interview with a New York City woman who had just turned 100 took an unexpected to turn when the sprightly old timer got a look at the handsome News 12 reporter. Granny couldn't get what was in the young man's pants out of her head.

Attempts to focus the woman's attention were pointless. Both her family and the reporter's pleads to "Keep it PG" went unnoticed. To get an idea of her choice of words, refer to the video below.

The family and reporter's outrage comes as no surprise; senior sex has long been considered a taboo subject, though it is not unknown. Recent studies have concluded that around half of seniors between the ages 57 and 75 are still sexually active.

Although limited, there is a great deal of research focused on sexual behavior in old age in relation to overall health. For instance, the act of sex is seen as a great exercise for cardiovascular health at all ages. Circulation is improved through the heart pumping and steady blood flow. And, the release of the hormone oxytocin during sex can lead to the subsequent flow of endorphins. This increase of endorphins can not only sooth emotional burdens, but also help with arthritis pain and constant headaches.

Above all else, people tend to live longer when they retain some kind of emotional bond, especially one shared with an intimate, significant other. Emotional well-being fosters physical well-being.