Romantic kissing is a strange behavior practiced by an astonishing 90 percent of cultures around the world. But kissing isn’t just fun, it can also be both healthy, and unhealthy, for the body and mind. Here are some interesting ways that kissing can affect your health.

As little boys and girls you may have been grossed out by the “ick” factor associated with kissing, and surprisingly, your younger selves weren’t wrong. According to a recent video released by Health Magazine, just 10 seconds of heavy “French” kissing can transfer as many as 80 million germs. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. While you can pick up some nasty bug from kissing such as oral herpes and the “kissing disease” mononucleosis, kissing between couples can also transfers germs that can protect their children from certain diseases, the video explained. In addition, the exchange of bacteria between kissers could also prevent cavities (although you could spread cavities through kissing as well).

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In addition, kissing isn’t just all fun and games, it can be a workout. According to Health Magazine, “passionate” kissing can burn up to 6.5 calories per minute. LiveStrong reported that oxygen consumption is the key to burning calories, and all the heavy breathing from passionate kissing means you are burning more calories. In addition, kissing works out more than just your lips. French kissing can use as many as 34 facial muscles. Just like any other workout, this burning of calories releases endorphins, which may explain why the activity feels so good! In addition, kissing also lowers the amount of the stress hormone cortisol in your body, which can leave you feeling relaxed and happier as well.

With so many positive benefits, it’s no wonder people spend so much time kissing. In fact Health Magazine reports that the average person will spend two whole weeks of their lives locking lips with another. In addition, couples who kiss more report more overall sexual satisfaction.

To learn more interesting benefits of kissing, check out the video below!

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