A 12-year-old girl has recently been accepted to Mensa, the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world, after she was discovered as having a higher IQ than both Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Olivia Manning, from Liverpool, scored a whopping 162 points on the IQ test, 62 points higher than the average score of 100. Manning's score was not only two points higher than renowned German genius Einstein and physicist Hawking, it also places her in the top 1 percent of intelligent people in the world.

She will now have the honor of being welcomed into Mensa, meaning that she will join the network of the brightest brains from across the globe. Not only is Olivia a confirmed genius, the pre-teen schoolgirl is also very popular at her school in the North Liverpool Academy in Everton.

"A lot more people are coming up to me asking for help with their homework. I just like challenges and making my mind think," she said, according to the Daily Mail. Olivia admits that she can quickly absorb and remember new information, but she said that she was "speechless" when she discovered her incredibly high score.

She revealed that she learned her lines for a school Macbeth production within 24 hours. However, Olivia, who is a member of her school's Mensa after-school problem-solving club, will have plenty of work cut out for her. "We have given her extra work to do and will now want to know why she's not getting As in everything," Teacher and club organizer Stacey Meighen said, according to Daily Mail.