Diets can go long way helping your child who is diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Here’s list of 14 dos and don’ts you need to consider while designing a proper diet scheme for your kid.

1) Feed your child with organic foods so that the body is not bombarded with chemicals from external sources

2) Serve the children a high protein and low carbohydrates breakfast daily. Strictly avoid cereals and milk at breakfast

3) Inspire them to drink plenty of plain water

4) Make your child eat lots of fruits and vegetables daily

5) Try mixing a spoonful of primrose oils and fish oils into their food everyday

6) Teach the child to discard junk and oily food

1) Avoid processed foods and those containing preservatives and additives

2) Restrict cheese, yoghurt and milk in your child’s daily diet

3) Avoid carbonated drinks

4) Provide the child with only fresh meat

5) Limit chocolates to one piece a week

6) Avoid food with artificial coloring

7) Avoid potatoes and potato chips

8) Discourage your child from snacking between his main meals.