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What's the healthiest thing to do in the morning?

This question originally appeared on Quora. Answer by Noor Ullah Jan, Pharmacist and Morning Person.

Turn your mornings into healthy ways to start the day with these tips.

1. Keep your window curtains or blinds half way open, this will show you the exact time of when to wake up. It works, when you make it as your habit then you will get up early in the morning based upon your biological Alarm of feeling the light rather than the clock Alarm.

2. Set your setup time 15 minute early, this is the only way you can opt for the healthy tips of the morning when you will not be in a hurry. Utilize these 15 minutes at morning for your body and you will feel the difference in very few days.

3. Drink warm lemon water on an empty stomach, it activates your liver for burning of fats, energy production and to produce more red blood cells in your blood plasma. You can get amazing health benefits by just this habit. It will additionally help you to avoid cold and flu and acne as well.

4. Stretch every extremity for 15 seconds to help allow blood flow back into the body after a long night's sleep. You can stretch your ankles, toes, hands, thighs, belly and any part of body muscle portion. Do not forget your neck, it will stimulate the nerves that signal the brain. Just do it and you will feel the difference the next morning.

5. Take a plastic chair and sit under the shower for five minutes in the morning. This is an excellent water massage that will get you relaxed and calm before you even get changed.

6. Take your multivitamin, The commonly available products that contain the vitamin and minerals will help you a lot in your active and overall happy day.

7. Have a cuddle with your family or partner, as this will make your stress free and active the day round.

8. Positive thoughts and better self-image can be created by this simple activity for yourself, and you will enjoy the rest of the day.

9. Have a cup of coffee. The calming effects of coffee will bring you multiple results. If you opt for exercise after a cup of coffee, you will burn more a greater percentage of fat throughout the day.

10. Brush your tongue for one minute to help you avoid the bad breath. This simple tip eliminates the bad breath causing bacteria in a simple way. By doing this, you can avoid multiple common gastric issues of dyspepsia and gas trouble.

11. Take a baby aspirin to protect your heart. Doing this in the long term have significant results for reduction in cardiac issues.

12. Read a motivational quote to help set the tone to keep you motivated throughout the day.

13. Kiss all the people you love in your house every morning. Your self-esteem will be boosted for the rest of the day and you will feel and act more confident.

14. Look around and appreciate what you have. Have gratitude as you look at other people who are less fortunate. You will easily come across multiple blessings.

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