Violence erupted outside of the ring of an Indonesian boxing match this past Sunday night, leaving a reported 17 people dead. Kota Lama Sport Stadium in the town of Nabire is only set to hold 1,000 spectators; however, 1,500 boxing fans were crammed into the arena after tickets were oversold, Fox News reported.

Conflicting reports put the death toll at 17 or 18, with 11 to 13 victims being women and nine to 10 being children. Somewhere between 32 and 40 spectators were taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for their injuries.

"Seventeen people died in the crush, 12 of whom were women, and another 38 were injured and have been hospitalised for treatment," Gede Sumerta Jaya, Papua provincial police spokesman, told Agence France-Presse.

Eyewitnesses said that a riot erupted following a bout between Alvius Rumkorem and Yulianus Pigome, in which judges sided with Rumkorem. Pigome fans, disgusted with the decision, began hurling chairs and fighting with Rumkorem supporters.

When frightened spectators attempted to remove themselves from the situation, a stampede ensued and some unlucky fans were trampled in the melee. According to reports, there were only two functioning exits for the crowd's dispersal.

"There were military and police personnel present in the stadium, but with so many people panicking ... the situation quickly got out of control," police spokesman Agus Rianto told Reuters.