Matt Cordle’s attorneys told him that they could find a way to get him out of being convicted for a drunk-driving incident as long as he lied.

But the 22-year-old chose a different route. In what some are calling a courageous and responsible act, Cordle has confessed to committing a drunk-driving killing — and he’s done it through a website called “because I said I would,” a place where people can make public promises that they aim to follow through on.

Cordle’s video is titled “I Killed A Man.”

Vincent Canzani, 61, was killed on a night in June after a Toyota Tundra driving in the wrong direction hit his vehicle. Although the original newspaper story did not mention Cordle, the young man claims it was after a night of heavy drinking that he chose to drive home and ended up driving in the wrong direction.

“Well I’ve never seen one like this before, I’ll tell you that,” Ron O’Brien, the prosecutor in the case, told CNN, referring to the unique confession.

Cordle’s attorney, meanwhile, was not aware that Cordle planned on releasing the video, but stated that “the video… is a testament to both his integrity and character.”

Cordle says that the video is not meant to prove that he is a hero, but rather to raise awareness about the gravity of an issue like drunk-driving.

According to the CDC, 30 people die in the U.S. daily from drunk-driving crashes — an average of one death every 48 minutes. The CDC suggests using sobriety checkpoints, taking away licenses from people who are caught driving while drinking, and mandatory blood alcohol testing for all traffic crashes as ways of preventing drunk-driving incidents.

“What he did could not be reversed or made up for, but he wanted to do something to put good back into this world,” Alex Sheen, the founder of because I said I would, told CNN.

Cordle says he "will take full responsibility for what I’ve done,” adding that he wouldn’t dishonor Vincent’s memory by lying.

"I can't bring Mr. Canzani back, and I can't erase what I've done, but you can still be saved, your victims can still be saved," Cordle says in the video. He continues, “I’m begging you. Please don’t drink and drive.”