After four years of hospital checkups with no diagnosis to show for it, Natasha Durant is just looking for some answers. Her son, 3-year-old Corban Durant, has been plagued by heart defects, liver disorders, and nerve damage since he was born, and now doctors are unsure of what to do. His condition has worsened to the point that he is currently unable to blink and his doctors’ puzzlement only continues to increase.

"We're really hoping for a diagnosis, an overall diagnosis of his condition, so that we are able to care for him the best that we can and help prolong his life and make it full," Natasha told KOMO News. "We've been doing some small fundraisers. We've been collecting cans and bottles, and we did a carwash this summer."

Doctors at Legacy Emanuel Medical Center and Oregon Health and Science University have had their hands filled with Corban’s ailments ever since he was born. Before he was even 10 months old, Corban had already gone in for 86 different doctors’ appointments. He was initially treated for a series of heart defects, but the doctor’s office would soon become a second home for this motorcycle and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle enthusiast.

As Corban got bigger, so did the number of ailments from which he suffered. Due to a shrinking cerebellum, his speech and motor function has been on a constant decline resulting in trouble speaking and walking. Part of Corban’s face is also paralyzed so although his eyelids appear to be closed, he cannot blink. While his doctors are confident a genetic abnormality has likely brought on his various illnesses, they have been unable to pinpoint a specific cause.

In hopes of discovering the true cause of their son’s condition, Natasha and Ted Durant are looking to put his care into the qualified hands of the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, ABC News reported. However, affording the care of the Mayo Clinic has proven to be a task in and of itself. The Durant family is looking to raise around $20,000 on top of a $9,622 down payment for him to be accepted into the clinic.

Anyone looking to donate to the “Help Corban get a Diagnosis” fund, either financially or with words of encouragement, can visit his page on GoFundMe. As of Monday, Corban’s account raised over $9,700 on way to its $20,000 goal. His appointment with the Mayo Clinic is scheduled for the end of this month.