Have you been reading "Dear Abby" for relationship advice? Turns out you could learn more about courtship from animals in the wild than human advice columnists.

In the new video from It’s Okay To Be Smart, called “Relationship Advice From the Animal Kingdom,” animal mating traits are translated to human courtship advice. We’ve listed four pieces of dating advice from animals you should consider taking.

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1. Smell good

Beavers secrete a fluid (called castoreum), which attracts potential mammal mates, but would smell pretty bad to people. Perfume and cologne can help you intrigue a human date.

2. Dance to impress

Birds — including boobies and red-capped manakins — move in specific, rhythmic steps to lure potential mates. Scientists have even discovered that dinosaurs in modern day Colorado would “dance” to attract partners as a “display of fitness.”

3. Cook a nice meal

White-fronted parrots actually regurgitate into their mate’s mouths, but you shouldn’t take it that far.

4. Make or play songs

Whales can attract mates through slow, deep “jams,” and they sometimes even work together to make sweet, sweet music.

“Scientists think female humpbacks actually prefer the musical innovators as mates,” the host explains in It’s Okay To Be Smart’s new video.

Want more courtship lessons from nature? Watch the clip below.

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