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This question originally appeared on Quora. Answer by Ray Schilling, doctor and author.

Here are some misconceptions and the right answer.

1. “Coffee gives you an acidy stomach.” This is true for the Robusta coffee beans, but is not true for the Arabica beans. I always order an Americano at Starbucks as I know they use 100% Arabica coffee beans to prepare Americano coffee.

2. “Coffee is unhealthy for you.” The truth is after 1000’s of research papers, we know that regular coffee consumption prevents strokes and heart attacks. Coffee also contains bioflavonoids that help stimulate your immune system. Overall, regular coffee consumption prolongs life. This newer opinion is diametrically opposed to the old medical recommendation to cut out coffee. Only pregnant women and rheumatoid arthritis sufferers should refrain from coffee. Others should drink coffee as a healthy supplement to your Mediterranean diet.

3. “Coffee can cause insomnia, nervousness and restlessness.” This is true for regular coffee and it is due to the caffeine. But you have a choice and you could drink decaffeinated coffee, where you still have the good taste of coffee, but don’t have these side-effects.

4. “Coffee causes heartburn and an acidy stomach.” Again, it is the caffeine in coffee that can cause this. The Robusta coffee bean has more acid in it that does this. Switch to 100% Arabica bean coffee and those symptoms should disappear except for those who are really sensitive. In that case, decaffeinated coffee is the answer.

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