There's an app for just about anything these days -- games, photos, radio. And yes, there are even apps for pregnancy. It turns out that there are so many pregnancy apps that choosing just one can be difficult. The apps work by helping you record your contractions, tracking fetus development, and helping choose a baby name. If you’re looking to expand your family, or are already awaiting the birth of a little one, these apps may prove useful to you.

Baby Bump

BabyBump aims to be an expectant parent’s best friend. The iPhone/android app allows users to keep track of pregnancy progress, create a ‘birth plan’ for the big day, connect with other pregnant women at the same stage to help, and discover the best pregnancy products on the market. BabyBump also offers: personal pregnancy countdown, calculating due date from Last Menstrual Period, weekly schematic embryo pictures of your baby, common symptoms, cravings, and bodily changes, daily weight and waist tracking

BabyBump made it onto the Time’s top 10 Best Wellness Apps and The Huffington Post’s Top Apps for Mom’s list, reported. The app also received recognition from NPR, Pregnancy Magazine, and was the 2011 winner of the BestApp Ever Award. It costs $3.99 for iPhone users and $2.99 for Android users and received an impressive 4.5 stars in customer reviews.


Contractions are some of the first interaction between mother and baby, and iContraction aims to help women to keep track of them. The app allows users to tally regular contraction patterns, emails the logs so that users can print them and take them to doctor appointments. iContractions received four of five stars and is available to your iPhone for a mere $.099. In the review, users praised the app saying things such as “Thanks for helping a daddy through a wonderful home birth,” and “This app works just as described.”

Baby Names!!

As you may have probably guessed from the app’s name, Baby Names!! helps expectant parents with the all-important task of choosing a name for their new born. With a 30,000 names on the database, chances are you’re bound to find one you like. The app will also give you name origin, its popularity, pronunciation, and what gender its most commonly used for. Users claim that they “like the ease of use and the ability to add/remove names from a variety of specific origins.” Some complaints that users had was the apps inability to differ original spelling from modern spelling, but if that’s not the sort of thing that particularly bothers you than download on.

What To Expect Pregnancy And Baby

What To Expect Pregnancy And Baby claims to offer personalized content catered to the mother based on her personal due date. Each week the app gives you information about your pregnancy, telling you how big your baby is (week 5 trimester 1, your baby is as big as an orange seed), parenting news, interesting blog posts from other moms, and, here’s the best part, exclusive deals and discounts for moms-to-be. Users have written reviews such as “It’s an amazing app that helps you through your pregnancy.” There are complaints mainly centered on update bugs, but considering that the app is free there doesn’t seem to be much harm in trying it out.

Pregnant and FIT!

This app aims to improve pregnancy fitness by making the woman more aware of their bodies. It offers examples of postures, stretching, and strengthening exercises that claim to “reduce stress and instill a sense of calm.” The app does come with a fair bit of disclaimers such as “Pregnant and FIT! Cannot safeguard your health,” and “every pregnant woman who decides to purchase this application must have the consent of her doctor to perform these exercises.” The app received four stars and is available for iPhone users for $2.99.