Medical Daily’s top five most talked about stories this week consist of; a study that suggest even moderate marijuana use can lead to brain abnormalities, Wu-Tang Clan’s Andre Johnson cut off his penis and doctors are unable to reattach it, a cloning breakthrough where adult stem cells were perfectly replicated, the “World’s Toughest Job”, that billions are already doing, and finally why do professional wrestlers so often die of heart attacks? Read more below:

Even Moderate Marijuana Use Can Damage The Brain

Students who smoked marijuana as rarely as once a week still showed significant brain abnormalities in terms of the organ’s size, density, and volume, a new study finds. The two areas most affected by the marijuana use were the amygdala and the nucleus accumbens, which regulate, among other things, emotion and motivation.

Wu-Tang Clan’s Andre Johnson Severed His Penis; No Hope For Reattachment

Andre Johnson, also known as “Christ Bearer” of the rap group, Northstar, affiliated with the Wu-Tang clan, severed his penis, and now doctors say it cannot be reattached, according to a TMZ report. Johnson cut his penis off on Wednesday morning and then proceeded to jump off a second floor North Hollywood apartment balcony, the report stated. He was then taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, but doctors confirmed his penis could not be reattached.

Successful Replication Of Adult Stem Cells

In a cloning first, scientists at Research Institute for Stem Cell Research at CHA Health Systems in Los Angeles have perfectly duplicated adult stem cells using subjects’ own DNA. Under this new model, formally known as somatic-cell nuclear transfer, researchers attempt to use a patient’s own DNA to create cells that can fight diseases, such as vision loss, heart disease, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis. The latest advances were minimal but legitimate.

World’s Toughest Job That Billions Already Do

Mullen, an advertising agency in Boston posted a fake ad for a “Director of Operations” position on many online forums and newspapers, which reached 2.4 million impressions. The position included 135-hour workweeks, no holiday time off, no sick days, and no pay. Not surprisingly, though, only 24 people responded.

When the interviewer told the candidates what was expected of them, one person asked, "Is that even legal?"

“What if I told you there’s someone that actually currently holds this position right now?” the interviewer responded. “Billions of people actually — moms.”

Why Do So Many Professional Wrestlers Die Of Heart Attacks?

Heart attacks are the leading cause of deaths in the profession. Wrestlers are far more likely to die early than the rest of the general public and many experts claim it’s the mix of steroids, prescription painkillers, and illegal drugs — used to dull the agony of constant performance, on the road some 300 days out of the year — that has led to so many early deaths. USA Today research of medical documents, autopsies, and police reports, shows that between 1997 and 2004, at least 65 wrestlers out of the active 1,000 died in that time. Of those, 25 were heart attacks — an unbelievably high rate for people that young, experts says.