There are several reasons why people do not wish to work out, and while there are genuine reasons why people drift away from exercising consistently, a lot of reasons why people don’t work out are due to one’s ability to come up with several excuses.

So, here is a list of reasons (excuses included) as to why people are not motivated to exercise:

Reason #1: “I have no Time” is the popular refrain of most people who do not want to exercise. But the truth really is that this excuse can be applied to anything else in life. If one really considered exercise to be important, they would make the time for it just as much as people would make time to hang out with friends, party, work and so on and so forth.

Reason #2: While all of us have to start somewhere, there are some exercises that are difficult enough for people to tune out, and perhaps, bid a hasty retreat to the couch. You don’t have to begin with these exercises but starting off with a simple exercise routine helps until you advance to tougher exercises.

Reason #3: A lack of motivation to exercise can be another reason why people stop working out along with setting unrealistic goals and having to work out all by yourself. So, take it easy on yourself and understand why you are working out – which is to stay in good health.

Reason #4: Another factor that causes people to drop out of a work out routine (just when everything seemed to go fine) is because the results seem to be slow. The truth is that this is a reality that we will all have to deal with, so setting realistic goals will actually prevent disappointment.

Reason #5: Finally, the most blatant reason is that fact that you dislike exercise. And while this can only be resolved by you making up your mind, and making a start, it is important to understand that no one else can help you with this. It’s really up to you.