Are you worried that your partner might be bored by your sex life? Or that he or she is not enjoying it as before when your relationship was all new and exciting? If you are, we assure you that there is no need to be worried anymore. Relationships are hard, especially the long relationships where you feel like you already know everything about your partner and that exciting feeling of finding out something new about him or her is gone. It is normal to feel that. But whoever told you that you cannot do anything to change that, they are wrong. In order for your sexual life and your relationship to stay healthy and fulfilling, you and your partner both need to work on it. Relationships require work and patience. But it is also a normal thing to feel confused when it comes to trying something new. If you are feeling overwhelmed or confused, we are here to help you. Here are five tips that will help you boost your sexual life and surprise your partner.

Why is it so important to keep your sexual life exciting?

Sex is very important to keep your relationship healthy. Also, it is commonly known that sex has various health beneficial effects – improved sleep, improved immunity, decreased the risk of hypertension, pain relief, etc. Keeping your sexual life healthy it is important for both men and women as an unhealthy sexual life can cause a lot of problems! Premature ejaculation is one of those problems! Unhealthy sexual life can cause depression and anxiety which are the most common causes of premature ejaculation among men!

5 Tips That You Can Use To Improve Your Sex Life

1. Do Not Let Sex Become A Routine In Your Life

The last thing that you would want is for your sex life to become just a routine. This cannot do any good – not for you nor your partner. If sex becomes a routine, it will lose all of its excitement. It is okay for you or your partner to say no to sex, with a good reason behind it of course. Do not be afraid to say no to sex if you are not feeling up to it or you are feeling tired – that way you will not be able to enjoy it fully and your partner will notice.

If you and your partner are usually enjoying sex in the late night, do not be afraid to change that and have sex in the morning. You will wake up fresh and energized, and we all know that sex is the perfect way to start your day. Make space for sex in the morning and you will notice the difference in your and your partner’s mood in no time.

2. Do Not Be Afraid To Try Something New

Admit it – the missionary pose can become a bit boring. There are various sex poses that you can try that can spice up your sexual life for you and your partner. There is no need to be afraid to try a new pose, maybe you will find one that will bring a great satisfaction for you and your partner as well!

3. Do Not Skip The Foreplay

Most men are not interested in foreplay, but the fact is that foreplay is just as important as sex. Foreplay brings not only satisfaction but also a chance to connect with your partner intimately and find out what you and your partner likes and dislikes!

4. Talk To Your Partner

In order to find out what your partner likes and dislikes you need to talk to him or her. Do not be ashamed to discuss your desires with your partner. You are not helping either one of you by faking an orgasm or faking any reaction. You need to be open, honest and patient why discussing your sexual life with your partner. You might be surprised to find out something new about your partner’s desires after all that time spends together.

5. Try Using A Sex Toy

There is no shame in using different kinds of sex toys. Believed or not, there are researchers from the Indiana University who have found that more than half of the women have used a vibrator in their lives! Also, they have related the use of a vibrator to the sexual health as increased sex drive, lubrication and the occurrence of orgasms have been noticed since partners have introduced the vibrator in their lives.


Relationships require hard work, and so does your sexual life. You would want for your sexual life to be exciting and fulfilling, not boring and a cause for additional problems. We mentioned premature ejaculation as a result of an unhealthy sexual life. But not to be worried, there are many natural remedies to treat this condition. Talking to your partner about your sexual desires, changing your routine and trying some new and exciting sex poses are just a few of our suggestions on how to improve your sexual life in no time.

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