While most people think that they’re grown out of drinking milk, nothing can be further from the truth actually. Another myth that comes with drinking milk is the fact that one can put on weight but there is no doubt that the benefits of drinking milk are plenty even if one chooses to drink it at an older age.

So here are a few health benefits that are commonly associated with milk:

Benefit #1: Instead of increasing your weight, on the contrary, drinking milk actually slims one down as it contains several vitamins and minerals. Until now, there has been no evidence of milk adding fat to one’s body.

Benefit #2: Drinking a hot glass of milk before bedtime can be a good idea as this will calm and soothe one’s nerves while also putting them to sleep immediately.

Benefit #3: Milk is also known to be an appetizer especially if you eat your dinner very late as well as a stimulant and can be consumed early in the morning as well as late in the afternoon.

Benefit #4: One should drink milk if they want strong bones, teeth, hair and nails as it contains calcium which not only makes your body strong but also flexible. Along the same lines, one can fight tooth decay and cavities, if they drink milk regularly as well.

Benefit #5: Milk also works as an excellent antacid as drinking one glass will calm any inflammation in your food pipe (especially in the case of heartburn) and can have a soothing effect if consumed when one experiences any other gastric problems.

Benefit #6: While some people choose to use supplements, drinking milk will ensure that one can avoid diseases such as osteoporosis, colon cancer and hypertension. The truth is that the benefits of milk cannot be substituted with supplements sometimes.