In a world where we’re taught that monogamy rules, there are far too many people who cheat. Online married dating website Ashley Madison — a site for married people to cheat — points to Associated Press statistics showing that as much as 22 percent and 14 percent of married men and women, respectively, have had affairs at least once during their marriage. The site also says that about 50 percent of men have had multiple affairs. And with fewer people even willing to get married now, it almost makes sense that younger people are also more likely to stray from their spouse.

If you’re worried about a cheater, the folks over at The Huffington Post’s Talk Nerdy To Me put together some risk factors you may want to watch out for when you first start dating, including a man with a deeper voice and men who are financially dependent on their wives.

So why bother dating? What’s the point in looking for love when the person you’re with could end up being a cheater?

A happy relationship, whether it’s marriage or not, could be good for your health. “Nobody quite knows why loving relationships are good for health,” Dr. Harry Reis, co-editor of the Encyclopedia of Human Relationships, told WebMD. “The best logic for this is that human being have been crafted by evolution to live in closely knit social groups. When that is not happening, the biological systems … get overwhelmed.” Loving, lasting relationships have been linked to a better immune system, improved heart health, lower risk of early death, clear skin, reduced feelings of pain, and mental well-being. Speaking to Women's Day, Dr. Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist, said: “The bottom line is, the dopamine rush that comes from being in love gives you tremendous energy and optimism.”