While broccoli might not be one of the tastiest foods to consume, there is no doubt that there are a slew of benefits that come with this vegetable from the family of Brassica positively impacting several areas of health just like your Mom said it would.

So, here are some health benefits that are associated with broccoli:

Benefit #1: Fights infections

Since broccoli contains Vitamin C, the immune system is fortified by this vegetable, thus proving to be effective against fighting infections, whether this is a case of the flu or even an external injury.

Benefit #2: Regulates Insulin and Blood Sugar

Since this vegetable contains the element chromium, not only is the blood sugar levels in the body regulated but also insulin levels as well. And this vegetable can benefit diabetics to a large extent.

Benefit #3: Stomach

Since broccoli contains a lot of fiber, this can aid easier digestion as well as prevent or fight against constipation.

Benefit #4: Skin

Vitamin C, B and E (among other nutrients) can help one obtain clean, glowing and fresh skin, and since these nutrients are all available in broccoli, this increases the chances of one gaining good skin.

Benefit #5: Cancer prevention

Since broccoli contains Vitamins A, E, C and Selenium among other products, these combine together to combat cancer of all kinds. In particular, it also lowers one’s chances of getting breast cancer as it helps the body to get rid of extra estrogen.

Benefit #6: Weight Loss

Since broccoli is rich in vitamins but barely contains any fat or calories, it is considered to be an excellent food if you want to lose weight.

Benefit #7: Stronger Bones

Broccoli contains a substantial amount of calcium, and since calcium is important for the development of stronger bones, this vegetable is considered to prevent osteoporosis effectively.